Welcome to Parallel Worlds Dreams Collide

Parallel Worlds: Dreams Collide is a new and totally originally story that revolves around 3 parallel versions of Earth. One world, ruled by superhuman kings and mystical warriors, must defend itself against a technologically advanced civilisation, hell bent on taking over their world and others.

In order to fight back a mystical warrior named Gardeus must go in search of a power that will defeat the warmongering invaders once and for all.

This search will take our hero on a whirlwind journey through the multiverse and beyond, to alternate worlds, abstract realities and ethereal landscapes.

First time writer Tyrone Berkeley delivers a truly epic adventure that is both soulful and action packed. Featuring amazing artwork from new sensation Enzo Esposito, that comprehensively brings the story to life.

The graphic novel will be available on all digital formats starting with the Android Market and coming soon to Kindle Fire and Apple platforms. The graphic novel app already includes some new and exciting features that distinguish it from the crowd ....but this is only just the beginning.
Welcome to the Parallel Worlds journey - Keep watching this space for news and upcoming developments!
UPDATE - PARALLEL WORLDS: DREAMS COLLIDE - Available now on Android Market Place.