Tyrone Berkeley is a budding comic book writer born in Manchester, England. With a degree in computer studies Tyrone combined those skills with his affinity for comics to create his own vision of a modern graphic novel app with his own unique story.

The original Parallel Worlds story was created over 20 years, and in that time the story has evolved and grown, and now its now ready to be let loose. 

With the ascendancy of digital mediums and the rise of smart phones and tablets, the opportunity presented itself and the project began.

Parallel Worlds is a story about everyone for everyone. From the kids on the street corners to the high class elite and all those in between.

The heart of the story is about unity, hard work and accomplishing amazing things by working as one. In terms of features the application is still in its infancy and the team have tons of new ideas on how to push the comic experience forward.

Tyrone’s inspiration for writing, creating exciting worlds and defining new characters has always come from music, with Hip Hop being the main source. Childhood days playing role-play games such as Warhammer and Marvel Super Heroes set the imagination wheels in motion. With films such as The Matrix, Back to the Future, Alien, Dogma and Inception helping to further shape his vision.

Enzo Esposito is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer based in the North west of England. With a degree in Graphic Design and several years of experience, Enzo has worked on a variety of projects for a range of different clients. He is also working on an upcoming medieval fantasy graphic novel.  

His love of comics and manga art drew him towards the Parallel Worlds concept. He is responsible for the graphic elements and overall look, from the pencils, inking and colouring, to the characters design, app menus and logo.
For Parallel Worlds Enzo wanted to create a fusion of classic Japanese manga mixed with the modern American style of cartoon character art.  

From an inspiration standpoint Enzo is a huge fan of Japanese character art and animation, in particularly Studio Ghibli, TatsunokoGuyver and also IDW and UDON comic art. He is also a huge fan of horror films and world cinema where his favorite directors include John Carpenter, Dario Argento and Jean-Luc Godard.